Titration Data Cable

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SI TZ 3091 Data cable RS-232-C, 1st side: 4-pole plug mini DIN 2nd side: 9-pole socket sub-miniature-D with adapter 9-/ 25- pole socket; PC, 5 m

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    With growing needs and requirements in mind, YSI Titration systems provide the ability to expand on your current system or new system. Controlling your existing or new auto-titration system through TitriSoft software may require supporting accessories, depending on how large your titration system is.

    TZ 3091 RS-232-C data cable connects a PC with the TITRONIC piston burette or TitroLine automated titrator. One side of the cable is the 4-pole plug mini-DIN to connect to your titrator or piston burette. The other side is the 9-pole socket sub-minature-D with adapter 9-/ 25- pole socket.

    If your PC does not have a RS 232 port then you can get our TZ 3080 USB to R232 adapter.

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