EXO pH & ORP Sensor Replacement Module

EXO Multiparameter Sondes

EXO advanced water quality monitoring platform for continuous field water quality measurements in challenging conditions.

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Un-Guarded pH/ORP Module

User-replaceable tip for #599706 - EXO un-guarded pH/ORP sensor

  • Overview

    Smart, cost-saving technology for water quality measurements.

    Exhaustible reagents are stored in this replaceable module and can be swapped-out as needed. Electronics & data are stored separately in the smart sensor base. Grants long-term costs savings by eliminating the need to re-buy the entire sensor after the reagents are depleted (approximately 12-18 months for pH/ORP, depending on use).


    • For use in EXO2 systems with a central wiper installed.
    • EXO sensors and modules are not backwards compatible with 6-Series sondes.

    For more information about the EXO platform please visit EXOwater.com

  • Specifications
    Depth / Pressure Rating / Limit 250m (820ft)
    Desktop Software Compatible KOR for EXO
    Digital / Digital Sensors Yes
    Equipment used with 599706
    Measurement Range

    pH: 0 to 14 units

    ORP: -999 to 999 mV

    Monitoring Yes

    pH: ±0.1 pH units within ±10°C of calibration temp; ±0.2 pH units for entire temp range
    (Within the environmental pH range of pH 4 to pH 10.)

    ±20 mV in Redox standard solutions


    pH: 0.01 units

    ORP: 0.1 mV

    Response Time pH: T63<3 sec, ORP: T63<5 sec
    Smart Sensors / Ports Yes
    User Calibratable Yes
    User Replaceable Yes

    1 Year - Replaceable reagent modules for pH/ORP

    Waterproof Yes, when installed
  • Video

    EXO Sondes: Replacing the Sensor Module

    Brandon Smith, YSI, demonstrates the step-by-step process for successfully replacing the sensor module on a pH and pH/ORP probe for the EXO water quality sonde products.

    EXO Sensor Replaceable Reagent Module

    In this video you will discover one of the many smart features of the EXO advanced water quality monitoring platform, designed to save you money and time. The EXO pH, ORP, ammonium, chloride and nitrate sensors come with replaceable reagent modules. The exhaustible reagents are stored in a module at the top of the sensor. The electronics and sensor data are stored separately in a smart base. When the reagents are used up, you can easily remove the top of the sensor and plug in a new reagent module. Cost savings over 5 years is approximately 500 dollars.

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EXO pH & ORP Smart Sensor


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