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TitroLine® 5000

The ideal Piston Burette for Manual Titrations.
The TitroLine®series is the ideal piston burette for manual titrations, accurate dosing applications as well as the preparation of solutions. When paired with the TitroLine®7000 and TitriSoft, it is an automatic dosing unit perfect for pre-dose a titrant.

Titrations made simple.

It is true that automatic titration is gaining ground, but manual titration continues to be the standard cost-effective technique in the lab. Improve your precision and reproducibility with an automated dosing burette.

Turb® 750 T

Simplify turbidity measurements without compromising data.

YSI’s Turb® 750 T benchtop turbidity meter provides accurate and precise measurements up to 1100 FNU/NTU at an affordable price. Perfect for food and beverage applications, the meter complies with EPA 180.1 and includes analytical quality assurance (AQA), keeping your lab up-to-date and efficient.

Features for Food and Beverage Applications.

With advanced features like intelligent reproducibility and plausibility check (IRPC), the instrument can quickly take multiple measurements, automatically evaluate the data and remove outliers, offering your laboratory optimal efficiency.

OPTi®Digital Handheld Refractometer

Portable. Reliable. Digital. OPTi.

The OPTi® Digital Handheld Refractometer is a portable refractometer that fits in the palm of your hand and generates over 10,000 readings on just 2xAAA batteries. It features a stainless-steel prism dish, which rapidly stabilizes sample temperature, a durable IP65-rated body, and a clear LCD display.

Ready when you are.

Portable and simple to operate, the OPTi® provides excellent “on-the-spot” concentration analysis with automatic temperature correction. Accurate one-button measurement and a clear display present reliable results, no matter who takes the reading.