Solving Water Quality and Harmful Algal Blooms with Automated Vertical Profilers

Begins: 13 Sep 2016 2:00 PM EDT
Ends: 13 Sep 2016 2:45 PM EDT
Presenter(s): Stephanie Smith, EXO Product Line Manager; Kevin Simpson, Director of Systems Engineering, Advanced Technology Team


Solve Water Quality and Harmful Algal Blooms View Recording.jpg

Watch the webinar Solve a Major Water Quality Issue: Harmful Algal Blooms.  Join YSI EMS Product Line Manager, Stephanie Smith, and YSI Director of Systems Engineering, Kevin Simpson discuss harmful algal blooms and how YSI Vertical Profiler systems can provide a total solution for your water quality monitoring needs.

45-Minute Webinar Highlights

  • An introduction to harmful algal blooms
  • Factors that can contribute to algal bloom growth
  • Monitoring tools to provide early warning
  • How Vertical Profilers provide a total monitoring solution

Watch the Recorded Webinar.

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