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The App for monitoring water quality in your Aquaculture facility – It’s Monitoring Made Mobile!

  • Overview

    The YSI AquaViewer II App displays current and logged data acquired from YSI continuous monitoring and control aquaculture instruments - the 5200A, 5400, and 5500D. The app helps you keep a close watch on the water quality conditions at your facility.

    The app makes it easy for aquaculture and aquatic life support system operators to monitor the water quality of their facilities, even when they are away from the facility. Current data is updated every 10 seconds giving the operator precise, real-time data. Data is logged every 10 minutes for historical data.

    AquaViewer II Features:

    • Real-time water quality data, accessible at a finger’s touch
    • Keep a close eye on your facility, remotely
    • Easily view the status of your tanks with color-coded icons
    • Alarms can be sent via email, text, and badge notifications to ensure you are alerted when alarm conditions are met
    • Data is collected every 10 minutes, on the server, for accurate water quality conditions
    • Cloud-based system stores data
    • Easily view historical data
    • Configure tanks and map in AquaManager for display in the App
    • Greater flexibility to display data with responsive pages that adapt to the size of your screen (mobile-friendly)
    • Easy to use with the simple menu structure

    The App is free. Subscription includes monthly hosting fees and is based on the number of units being used.

    Compatible with Apple devices, versions iOS 9.0 or higher:

    • iPhone 4S or later
    • iPad 2 or later
    • iPad mini or later
    • iPod Touch (5th generation)

  • Specifications
    Equipment used with 5200A, 5400 and 5500D Monitoring and Control Aquaculture Instruments

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