ADP600 Series Polarimeter

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Bellingham + Stanley’s Polarimeter ADP600 Series, regardless of single, dual, or multiple wavelengths, offers users temperature control are designed for measuring optical rotation. They are especially suited for use by scientists wishing to measure chiral compounds and other optically active substances in the chemical, pharmaceutical, and food sectors as well as for use in academic research.

  • XPC Peltier temperature controlled
  • Four decimal place resolution
  • Conforms to USP/EP/BP/JP
  • RFID user clearance
  • High Definition touchscreen

The ADP600 Series of polarimeters are available as multiple, dual, or single wavelength models, and with the ability to measure optical rotation to 4 decimal places across the visible spectrum as well as in the highly sensitive ultra-violet region.

  • Overview

    Digital Polarimeters with Temperature Control

    ADP600 digital polarimeters feature Xylem’s XPC temperature control technology. XPC technology replaces air temperature systems seen in previous models, providing faster temperature stabilization. 

    Peltier technology is applied to the sample chamber of new polarimeters to verify accurate measurement without external devices to control sample temperature. 

    The 600 Series includes two pre-set operating temperatures (20 and 25 °C) in accordance with European and United States pharmacies, respectively. Other user temperatures between 20 and 30°C may be configured in the settings.

    A Wide Range of Measuring Capabilities

    With a wide range of measuring capabilities, these polarimeters are an excellent choice for laboratories within the chemical, pharmaceutical, and food sectors due to their reliable temperature stability and high precision.

    Simple to Use

    With a full-color display and high-definition touchscreen interface, laboratory staff can visibly see results quickly, without any confusion. The touchscreen is a smooth surface that can be easily wiped down and maintained. No more worrying about dirt, dust, or moisture getting between buttons! 

    With easy navigations throughout various methods, and a one-touch calibration and instrument configuration option, the instrument allows for quick learning and easy operation!

    For pharmaceutical applications or other industries that require specific compliance, you can enjoy the “Mean Method” feature, which only allows for a specific number of readings to be taken from each product batch. The mean is calculated and recorded after the experiment is complete.

    The ADP600 Series come standard with RFID Technology, which verifies user clearance. This allows users to sign in, personalize settings and help facilitate audit-ability all at the tap of a small fob key.

    With a secure “print to PDF” function, these polarimeters are configured to operate in secure environments following FDA regulation 21 CFR Part 11 and meets all requirements – including wavelength directives – of British, United States, European and Japanese Pharmacopeia.

  • Specifications
    Measurement Specifications  
    Wavelength(s) 325, 365, 405, 436, 546, 589 & 633nm (model dependent)

    ± 89 (-355 to +355 via Method selection)

    Resolution 0.0001

    Primary:  Angular degrees (°A)
    Other:  I.S.S (z), Specific Rotation, Concentration (g/cm3), Purity, % Invert sucrose, % change (Inversion A-B) and Specific Rotation (concentration, moisture content, length)
    Batch MEAN Method for Pharmacopoeia and GLP.

    Accuracy ± 0.003 (@546, 589 & 633nm) / ± 0.005 (@325, 365, 405 & 436nm)

    Optical Density Range

    0.0 to 3.0 OD

    Temperature Range


    Temperature Control Peltier (Xylem's patented XPC Technology)
    Temperature Accuracy

    ± 0.2°C (0.5°C for faster response time in accordance with pharmacopeia)

    Temperature Compensation None, sugar, quartz, user-defined
    Temperature Set Points 20 & 25 °C (variable between 20-30 °C via Method)
    Reading Time

    15-60 seconds @ 546/589nm and 20/20°C (instrument/sample)

    Tube Types XPC (stainless steel), Low Volume, Flow-through, PEEK (Glass)*
    Tube Length 5-200mm
    Tube Diameter 5-8mm
    User Interface High Definition 7.4” touch-screen color display
    Light Source

    UV/Vis lamp (6V, 2A >1000hrs) and narrow band pass filter(s)

    Interfaces 3 x USB (A), 1 x Ethernet, 1 x RS232
    Power Supply 100-250V~, 50-60 Hz. <2A

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