Master Fiber Analysis with FIBRETHERM

Master Fiber Analysis with FIBRETHERM -Xylem Lab Solutions

Master Fiber Analysis with FIBRETHERM

Learn how the FIBRETHERM can help you solve your plant fiber analysis, whether it is crude fiber, ADF (acid detergent fiber), NDF (neutral detergent fiber), or ADL (acid detergent lignin). 

Who should attend: Application chemists, technicians, and anyone interested in solving fiber analysis. 

Join Dr. Lukas Zibula, Gerhardt’s global FIBRETHERM application expert, as we discuss the following:

  1. Fiber and method basics
  2. Learn how to optimize sample preparation and critical parameters for consistent results.
  3. Accurately determine crude fiber, ADF, NDF, and ADL fractions in animal feeds.

This is the perfect opportunity to hear from our laboratory experts and directly ask them any questions about your own application!

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