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While every application and deployment is different, we’ve found a few common challenges that can arise in environmental monitoring. Whether it’s budget constraints, equipment that’s difficult to use, maintenance challenges, employee turnover, or unreliable data or data access, there’s no shortage of obstacles that can pop up. But don’t worry — our experts are here to provide tips you can use to overcome those challenges and collect the best data possible every time you head out into the field!

7 Biggest Challenges of Water Quality Monitoring

In this webinar, we will share:

  • Expert tips to solve big problems in water quality monitoring
  • Guidelines for instrument care, inspection, and preparation
  • Recommendations to keep up with evolving site needs
  • Best practices to ensure good data
  • and advice on successful systems integration

This is an excellent opportunity to hear from YSI experts and get your questions answered.

Water Monitoring

YSI Applications Engineer

Catie Marchand joined YSI in 2021 as a sales representative and has been in the Applications Engineer role since 2022. At YSI, she collaborates with the R&D teams and product managers on advancements to our technologies and creating resources for customers. She also supports Marketing and Product Managers with her field expertise and customer focus. She is a technical expert in the field, and you can often find her at tradeshows and conferences.

Before working at YSI, Catie spent five years with the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality in watershed management and water quality monitoring of Arizona’s rivers, lakes, and streams. She has a B.S. in Environmental Microbiology from the University of Arizona and is at home in the field and lab.

Water Monitoring

YSI Applications Specialist

Curt Butler joined YSI in 2006 in an application specialist role. He provides hands-on technical and application support to some of the world's top researchers, helping them collect the highest quality data from their monitoring programs.

Before joining YSI, Curt owned and operated an electronics repair company, where he gained an appreciation and understanding for how technical instruments work. He has a B.S. in Business and Marketing from Wright State University.

Water Monitoring

Marketing Communications Manager

Nate Christopher joined YSI in 2017 in a marketing communications role for some of their flagship product lines, including the EXO sonde platform and Pro Series handheld meters. He works with product management and the larger marketing team to create literature, videos, and events for our water quality instruments.

Before joining YSI, Nate spent just shy of seven years as a graphic designer for an environmental consultant. He has a B.F.A.in Visual Communication Design from the University of Dayton.