University Incentive Program (U.S. Only)

Partner with YSI, SonTek, Aanderaa, and GWI for exclusive incentives on environmental instrumentation

Quality Research Demands Quality Data.

For decades, YSI, SonTek, Aanderaa, and GWI have partnered with scientists across the globe to supply premium water quality, flow, discharge, velocity, and level instrumentation. We recognize the demand for highly accurate, defensible data—and how it fuels critical environmental research on topics such as climate change, harmful algal blooms, and more.

As such, we’re proud to offer exclusive incentives to academic institutions to make our industry-leading technology more accessible—and to help you drive positive change in the world.

How Does the Program Work?

To take advantage of the University Incentive Program, mention the 10% discount to any Xylem sales representative or manufacturing agent. You can request a quote here if you’re ready to talk with a salesperson.

Some of our products are also available for sale on via eCommerce. To request an eCommerce promo code for eligible products, please fill out the form on this page with your university email address. We’ll email you a unique code immediately, which can be used during the checkout process on

Have a question about the program? Our team is happy to help! Please email us at or chat with us by clicking the tab at the bottom of this page.

Take Advantage of Exclusive Incentives:

10% Off All Pro Series, ProDIGITAL, EcoSense Meters, Handhelds & Accessories*

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ocean coastal monitoring

10% Off Ocean Current, Ocean Wave, and Ocean Water Quality Sensors and Cables from Aanderaa

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water level

10% Off All Amazon Bubblers, Nile Radar Sensors, Data Loggers & Accessories*

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Lab Benchtop Instrumentation

10% Off All MultiLab & EcoSense Benchtop Meters, TitroLine Titrators*

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water quality monitoring

10% Off All EXO Sonde Models, Smart Sensors and Modules, Handhelds & Accessories*

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water flow discharge velocity

10% Off SonTek FlowTracker2, SonTek-SL, RiverSurveyor/ HydroSurveyor - M9 and CastAway*

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water sampler

10% Off All ProSample & GWI Autosamplers, Flow Probes & Accessories*

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*Terms and conditions apply. Special pricing excludes SonTek RS5, SonTek-IQ, PCM-Basic, rQPOD, ProSwap Logger, and EXO NitraLED Sensors. Special Aanderaa pricing includes only sensors and cables. University Incentive Program offers cannot be combined with any other promotions or discounts. Offer valid for academic institutions, United States and Latin America only. The offer expires on December 31, 2025. Program details may change at any time at the discretion of Xylem, Inc.

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