Line-of-Sight Radio

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WaterLOG Line-of-Sight Radio Series

  • Overview

    Using modern spread spectrum technology, the Line-of-Sight Radio series (H-4400) provides highly secure frequency with interference immunity. Specifically designed for transparent SDI-12 compliant communication, the Radio link is compatible with any WaterLOG data logger at one or more remote sites. And, to make things even better, each remote site can also have multiple SDI-12 sensors. With ten models to choose from, each offering a master to slave option, preferred frequency and location are taken into account to fit your unique site application. 


    • Easy to use radio link
    • Works with all WaterLOG data recorders
    • Each remote site can have multiple SDI-12 sensors
    • Uses modern frequency hopping spread spectrum telemetry radios
    • Radio link provides transparent SDI-12 compliant communication between your data recorder and one or more remote sites

  • Specifications

    2 years

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