XL Series Data Logger

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Effective November 1st, 2023, all XL Series Data Loggers, including the H-522+ & H-522, have been discontinued. The comparable products to use instead would be a DL Series Data Logger or a Storm3 Data Logger.

Full-Featured Data Logger with Integrated GOES Transmitter with Internal GPS. Includes GPS Antenna and cable—minimum of 256mB internal Flash memory for data storage.

  • Overview

    If you are experiencing an issue with your GOES transmitter, please check out the GOES Support Page

    If you're looking for a data logger with a fully integrated HDR transmitter the H-522 and H-522+ are your models. Capable of communicating through GOES or INSAT satellites, these models are designed for use in remote monitoring applications.  The H-522 and H-522+ allow your to transmit data storage and sensor values to a satellite network for near real-time data retrieval. If you don't have the need for a display, the H-522 is your model, but keep in mind, the H-522+ is our top seller, with close to 6000 units in operation to date.


    • Simple menu driven user interface
    • Low standby power
    • External button allows simplified means to view current data values
    • USB Type A Host and Mini B Device (2.0)
    • Three RS-232 Serial Ports for use with local terminals, displays, modems/satellite, etc.
    • Four analog inputs
    • SDI-12 Master or Slave Mode
    • Quadrature shaft encoder input/output
    • Event counter input (Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge)
    • Frequency input (wind speed)
    • Scalable 4-20 mA Output
    • Data logging using nonvolatile internal storage
    • XL Basic Programming
    • Integrated Satellite Transmitter (H-522+ only)

  • Specifications
    Graphic Display Yes
    Operating Temperature -40 ° to +60 ° C
    Power Power Requirements: Voltage Input 11.0 to 16.0V; Current: Stabdby 12 mA Max, Active Transmitting <2.75 A
    Storage Temperature -40 ° to +80 ° C

    2 years

    Quick Specs
    H-500XL H-350XL H-522 H-522+
    Keyboard Display Yes Yes Yes
    Pressure Sensor Optional1 Built-in Optional1 Optional1
    GOES/INSAT Satellite transmitter Optional2 Optional2 Built-in Built-in

    1 Can interface to the H-3531 external pressure sensor.
    2 Can interface to an external H-2221 Satellite transmitter for GOES or METEOSAT; or to an external H-222 DASE (signal engineering) transmitter for INSAT.

    Specifications indicate typical performance and are subject to change.

    Pressure Transducer  (H-350XL only)
    Accuracy Less than or equal to 0.02% of full scale output (FSO) over temperature range

    0 to 15 psi (0 to 34 ft (11m)); Accuracy = ±0.007 ft (2.1 mm)

    0 to 30 psi (0 to 69 ft (21 m)); Accuracy = ±0.014 ft (4.3 mm)

    Custom calibration ranges available to 100 psi

    Media Compatibility Non-corrosive dry gases only

    Analog Inputs  
    Channels 4 single ended, 1 differential
    Resolution 24-bit resolution
    Accuracy ±0.02% FS
    Range o to 5 V (all channels); 0 to 500 mV (additional on channel 1)

    +5.0 Volt Excitation  
    Accuracy ±5.0 mV over load and temperature range
    Current 10 mA max load

    Switched +12.0 Volt Excitation  
    Type Unregulated based on battery voltage
    Current 2.5 Amps

    Frequency Input  
    Range 1 to 10 KHz at ±75 mV PP or greater; 1 to 15 KHz at 1 V PP or greater
    Amplitude ±5.0 V max
    Accuracy ±0.1%x

    Counter Inputs  
    Type Switch closure or voltage pulse
    Voltage Input 0-5 V
    Frequency Input 100Hx max

    Digital I/O
    Channels 2, independently configured for input or output
    Input Levels 0.0 to 5.0 volts; (High ≥ 3.5 V, Low ≤ 0.8 V)
    Output Levels High = 3.5 V Min Sourcing 5 mA; Low = 0.4 V Max Sinking 5 mA

    4-20mA Output
    Accuracy ± 0.5% FSO

    Type Supports both Master and Slave modes
    Connector 3-pin connector

    Type 3 RS-232 communication ports
    Connector 9-pin D connector, female
    Baud Rate Programmable

    Data Storage Capacity 256 MB, Non-Volatile FLASH

    USB 1 Host USB-A Connector, 1 Device Mini-B Connector; Version 2.0
    External Satellite (H-350/H-500) GOES/INSAT H-2221-V2
    Keypad Display 1 line 20 character vacuum florescent LED display

    Operating Temperature -40 ° to +60 ° C
    Storage Temperature -40 ° to +80 ° C
    100% non-condensing

    H-350 / H-500 H-522+
    Voltage Input 10.0 to 16.0 V 11.0 to 16.0 V
    Current Standby: 5 mA Max; Active: see manual Standby: 12 mA Max; Active Transmitting: <2.75 A

    H-350 / H-500 H-522+

    Housing Size


    7 in. x 8.5 in. x 4.3 in.

    (180 mm x 220 mm x 110 mm)

    9.5 in. x 11 in. x 6 in.

    (241.3 mm x 279.4 mm x 152.4 mm)

    Shipping Weight 4.25 lbs (2 kg) 7.5 lbs (3.4 kg)
    Material Fiberglass with clear Lexan® window. Fiberglass (does not have clear Lexan® window)

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