How Anti-fouling Works: Principles and Practices Webinar

Begins: 05 Aug 2021 2:00 PM EDT
Ends: 05 Aug 2021 3:00 PM EDT
Presenter(s): Kerry Caslow, Curt Butler, and Nate Christopher


Anti Fouling Sensor

One of the most significant barriers to searching for good water quality data is the threat of fouling, so having a solid anti-fouling plan in place for your EXO Sonde is critical for long-term monitoring projects.

How Anti-fouling Works

Putting anti-fouling technologies in place can extend deployment intervals for your EXO Sonde or other long-term monitoring equipment. This can result in fewer trips to the field for equipment service and improved accuracy of water quality data. If you've ever experienced fouling in the field, this webinar is for you.

In this educational webinar, we will discuss:

  • Familiar sources of fouling from soil and algae to barnacles and other animals
  • Fouling's effects on water quality data (drifts, spikes, and damaged equipment)
  • The evolution of anti-fouling technology from plastic sleeves to U.V. light
  • Expert tips to mitigate fouling from the sensor tips to the sonde body and even the cable
  • Data longevity and how to reduce site visits required during deployments
  • Real-world examples that demonstrate the application and benefit of anti-fouling measures

If you want to improve your fight against fouling and protect your equipment for better quality data, watch the video below on this page.

Water Monitoring

Outdoor Water Monitoring Specialist

Kerry Caslow joined YSI in 2018 in an application specialist role. At YSI, she collaborates with our R&D teams to field-test all new technological developments in water quality. Also, she regularly assists customers with technical support and data collection questions.

Before working at YSI, Kerry spent nearly nine years with the United States Geological Survey, supporting their urban hydrology program. She has a B.S. in Earth & Atmospheric Sciences from the Georgia Institute of Technology, focusing on environmental science.

Water Monitoring

Applications Specialist, Customer Support

Curt Butler joined YSI in 2006 in an application specialist role. He provides hands-on technical and application support to some of the world's top researchers, helping them collect the highest quality data from their monitoring programs.

Before joining YSI, Curt owned and operated an electronics repair company, where he gained an appreciation and understanding of how technical instruments work. He has a B.S. in Business and Marketing from Wright State University.

Water Monitoring

Marketing Communications Specialist

Nate Christopher joined YSI in 2017 in a marketing communications role for some of their flagship product lines, including the EXO sonde platform and Pro Series handheld meters. He works with product management and the larger marketing team to create literature, videos, and events for our water quality instruments.

Before joining YSI, Nate spent seven years as a graphic designer for an environmental consultant. He has a Visual Communication Design from the University of Dayton.

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