Continuous Flow Analyzer Equipment & Accessories

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Automated Continuous Flow Instrumentation

Almost every manual method can be fully automated. Today's laboratory instruments can do digestions, distillations, dilutions, and filtrations completely automated, with a press of a button. And more importantly, the instrumentation can automate these methods while maintaining accuracy and repeatability, ensuring all quality control procedures are met.

When multiple analysts are in a lab and running the same method, there is a possibility of variation. Variation can occur with the same analyst repeating the methods due to fatigue or other environmental factors. But automated instrumentation can perform the same task, over and over again, the same without getting tired.

Why Do Laboratories Automate?

Laboratories are automating their equipment to keep up and run more samples. If labs run more samples, they can increase their productivity and improve precision, reproducibility, and quality.

What We Offer

SFA & FIA Technologies

As an industry leader in cyanide analysis, the FS3700 combines the advantages of Segmented Flow Analysis (SFA) and Flow Injection Analysis (FIA) technologies in one complete system. While defeating the hassle of individual technologies, the FS3700 simultaneously reduces wasted resources and improves laboratory safety. The FS3700 pairs with FlowView, an extremely intuitive software interface with 64-bit compatibility.

Continuous Flow Analyzer

autosampler for continuous flow analysis

Higher throughput and improved performance define the compact 3180 Autosampler from OI Analytical.

With upgraded electronics, improved accessory interfaces, and enhanced pumping capabilities, the 3180 is the perfect accessory for all your flow chemistry needs.

Chemistry Analysis Autosampler

They are designed for any laboratory wanting to improve efficiency and sample throughput. The 3180 is low-cost, easy to use, and ideal for your sampling needs.

Our 3360+ Autosampler combines all the features you need to meet a wide variety of sampling requirements, including those for Stormwater, rivers, and streams, industrial discharge, water and wastewater treatment, and mining.