KOR User Interface Software for EXO - USB

EXO Multiparameter Sondes

EXO advanced water quality monitoring platform for continuous field water quality measurements in challenging conditions.

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  • Overview

    Copy of EXO user software on 2 GB USB drive

    For more information about the EXO platform please visit EXOwater.com

  • Specifications
    Equipment used with EXO1, EXO2
  • Video

    KOR: Introduction to Software for the EXO monitoring platform

    A tour of the main menus and features of the graphical KOR software for the EXO water monitoring platform. Connect an EXO sonde to your computer wirelessly with Bluetooth technology. The Dashboard shows real-time data. Calibration menus quickly guide you through the calibration process and provide SmartQC verification of successful calibration and worksheets.

You may also need

EXO2 Multiparameter Sonde

7-Port Multiparameter Water Quality Sonde

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EXO1 Multiparameter Sonde

4-port Multiparameter Water Quality Sonde

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EXO Signal Output Adapter - USB


EXO Handheld Display

Enhanced interface for the EXO platform.

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EXO DCP Signal Output Adapter 2.0

For integrating a data logger and telemetry system with an EXO sonde.