MultiLab IDS 4320 Conductivity and Temperature Sensor

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IDS 4320 digital conductivity/temperature probe for the YSI MultiLab. Features a stainless steel body, 2-electrodes, and a 1.5 meter cable. The IDS 4320 probe is designed for ultra-pure water applications and cannot be calibrated by the user, although the probe is factory calibrated.

  • Overview

    The IDS sensors automatically store their unique serial number and calibration data. In addition, they also digitally process the measurement signal. The IDS sensors can be moved from instrument to instrument and maintain their calibration data and transmit that information to the new instrument.

  • Specifications
    Cell Constant

    0.100 cm-1 ± 2 %

    Equipment used with MultiLab Instruments
    Measurement Range

    Conductivity: 0.01 µS/cm to 200 µS/cm | Resistivity: 5 kOhm cm to 100 MOhm cm | Temperature: 0 to 100ºC

    Minimum Immersion Depth 30 mm
    Parameters Measured Conductivity, Temperature
    Storage Temperature 0 to 50 °C

    2 years

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