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Issue #10 Cover Story:

Boiling River Research Plumbs Remarkable Depths

Andrés Ruzo made a vow to the shaman. Maestro (Teacher) Juan Flores, an Asháninka healer, gave the young scientist permission to study the waters of Peru’s mysterious Boiling River.

The locals call it Shanay-timpishka, “boiled with the heat of the sun.” Ruzo wanted to understand the geologic processes and mechanisms that give rise to the steaming river—how hot it was and where the water came from. That would require him to collect and export samples of the sacred river’s water.

Issue #10 Featured Articles:

Exploring The Deepest Region Of The Oceans—And The Helpful Creatures That Call The Hadal Home:

Orange, blue, and white bacteria blanketed rocks and boulders at 7,000 meters (~23,000 feet) deep in the Indian Ocean’s Java Trench. Dr. Alan Jamieson glided past the life-covered geology in a submersible during his first in-person trip to the hadal zone—the deepest region of the sea—after more than a decade of studying it remotely.

The Runit Dome Dilemma:

Located halfway between Hawaii and Australia in the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean lies a haunting reminder of the U.S.’ nuclear testing legacy—Runit Dome.

The dome symbolizes the dual tragedies of a changing climate and a toxic past, both present realities that the Marshallese people, distant from much of the world’s eyes, are left to confront.