Sensor Maintenance in Municipal Wastewater Applications

Begins: 23 Mar 2021 1:00 PM EDT
Ends: 23 Mar 2021 2:00 PM EDT
Presenter(s): Ben Barker and Myra Michaels


Wastewater Professionals' Guide to Ensuring Reliable Data

Join YSI experts Benjamin Barker and Myra Michaels to review best practices for sensor maintenance in municipal wastewater applications. This session is eligible for 0.1 CEU credit hours.

Do you know how to get the best data from online sensors? Online sensors provide valuable insight into the wastewater process with continuous data and trends. Wastewater operators can use this data to monitor process conditions, make process decisions, and directly control critical actions like aeration or chemical dosing. Sensor care should be a priority because it can help operators acquire the most accurate continuous data and achieve the most effective wastewater process. This webinar will discuss proper care and maintenance for online analytical sensors, including setup, calibration, cleaning, replaceable parts, and measurement verification. Learn how to care for various sensors, such as optical dissolved oxygen, ammonium/nitrate ISE, UV nitrate and organic, optical TSS/Turbidity, and pH/ORP for optimized process monitoring and control.

Attendees will be able to:

  • Identify the different types of calibrations available for sensors
  • Evaluate sensor health through verification and performance
  • Apply sensor maintenance practices to their instrumentation

Who Should Attend:

Wastewater engineers, operators, instrument technicians, and superintendents who want to learn more about online sensor care and how to get the best data for process monitoring and control decisions.

Learn more about the IQ SensorNet online monitoring and control system.

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Presented by:

Ben Barker, YSI Application Engineer

Ben is an Application Engineer for YSI's online instrumentation. Ben has worked at YSI for over three years. In his current role, he provides application support and conducts technical training.

Myra Michaels, YSI Senior Product Support Specialist

Myra is a Senior Product Support Specialist for YSI's instrumentation in the Northeast United States. Myra has worked at YSI for over ten years. In her current role, she provides application support and conducts technical training.

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