6131 Blue-Green Algae Sensor

6-Series Legacy Sondes

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The YSI 6131 blue-green algae sensor monitors algal populations at natural levels in freshwater, providing an early warning for bloom conditions.

This sensor must be installed into a 6-Series sonde to function. Does not function on its own.

  • Overview

    Blue-green algae (a. k. a. cyanobacteria) monitoring is of growing interest due to the problems some species can present through the production of toxins and compounds that deteriorate the quality of drinking water and through the formation of blooms. Blue-green algae are of interest for ecosystem studies and monitoring as well, where they may represent the most abundant primary producer.

    Features include:

    • Designed for freshwater (phycocyanin) environments
    • Optimized for excellent sensitivity for monitoring algal populations at natural levels
    • Insensitive to potential interference including chlorophyll, turbidity, and dissolved organics

    The YSI 6131 blue-green algae sensor is fully compatible with all YSI 6-series sondes equipped with optical ports.

    YSI's optical sensors use an integrated wiping system to provide anti-fouling in the most hostile environments. Durable mechanical features include a non-corroding titanium wiper shaft, replaceable wiper shaft seal, and a new switch controlled wiper parking system to prevent mis-parking.

    Notable Specifications:

    • Range: ~0 to 280,000 cells/mL; 0 to 100 RFU
    • Detection Limit: ~220 cells/mL
    • Resolution: 1 cell/mL; 0.1 RFU
    • Linearity: R2> 0.9999

  • Specifications
    Depth / Pressure Rating / Limit 60 m
    Equipment used with 6820, 600OMS, 6600V2, 6920, 6820V2, 6600, 6920V2


    Monitoring Yes
    Parameters Measured

    Blue-Green Algae (phycocyanin)

    Sampling Yes
    User Calibratable Yes
    User Replaceable Yes

    2 years

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