Gerhardt | SI Analytics | Now Distributed by Xylem Inc. with Lab Synergy Acquisition

Title: Gerhardt | SI Analytics | Now Distributed by Xylem Inc. with Lab Synergy Acquisition

Date: 2016-04-22 10:00

Author: Xylem Analytics

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We are happy to announce that as of April 4th, 2016, Gerhardt and SI Analytics products are now distributed by Xylem Inc. in the United States and Canada. We are committed to providing you the best level of responsiveness and expertise you have come to expect from our partner, Lab Synergy, in the past, and are confident this will be the case. Your main contacts from Lab Synergy for sales, service, and applications support will remain as your sales and support team but will now be part of Xylem.

Part of Xylem Analytics since 2010, SI’s titration products are used for a broad range of applications from product quality in Food and Beverage manufacturing facilities, to water quality in environmental laboratories. SI’s viscometry products are key in determining product quality in polymer and plastics manufacturing.

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Our partner, C. Gerhardt is one of the world’s leading developers and producers of analysis systems for food and animal feed, raw materials and plant matter.

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Xylem Analytics’ global brands have been leaders in the laboratory instrumentation market for decades, and are relied upon every day across more than 150 countries. Working in true partnership with our clients, we listen, learn and adapt to individual needs, offering deep application expertise built upon our long history of innovation in instruments and services. Our solutions for analysis, measurement and monitoring help enable many of today’s modern laboratories and industrial processes, and provide our customers the trusted and high performing solutions they need to succeed. Xylem Analytics is part of Xylem Inc., a global company focused on solving the world’s most challenging and fundamental water issues. As accurate analysis is crucial to the water industry, Xylem Analytics taps its diverse product brands for leadership in that field and beyond, providing the best laboratory and field monitoring instrumentation across a wide variety of industries.

For Sales, Service, and Applications support of SI Analytics and Gerhardt Products:

Xylem Inc

(845) 258-1200 or (866) 435-7897


For orders of SI Analytics products, contact Xylem at YSI:

YSI Inc.

1700 Brannum Ln.

Yellow Springs, OH 45387

Tel: (937) 767-2778

Fax: (937) 767-1058


YSI Tax ID (EIN #): 31-0526418.

YSI DUNs #: 00-424-6716


YSI Remit Address

P.O. Box 430373

Cincinnati, Ohio 45264


YSI Bank Information

U.S. Bank .

800 Courthouse Plaza, SW .

Dayton, Ohio 45402 .

Phone: 937-640-7636

Fax: 937-640-7632

Account #: 850 63 21

ABA: 042000013


For orders of Gerhardt products, contact Xylem at OI Analytical:

OI Analytical

P.O. Box 9010

College Station, TX 77842-9010

Tel :( 800) 673-3750

Fax: (979) 690-0140


OI Tax ID (EIN #): 73-078053

OI DUNs #: 04-890-4361


OI Remit Address

P.O. Box 9010

College Station, TX 77842


OI Bank Information

JP Morgan Chase Bank, N.A.

420 W. Van Buren St.

Chicago, Il 60606

Account #: 754269991

ABA: 111000614


OI Physical address

151 Graham Rd.

College Station, TX 77845


We look forward to the opportunity to serve you in the near future!


Xylem Analytics