Turbidity Standard

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YSI turbidity solutions calibrate your instruments for maximum accuracy. Extremely accurate and stable solutions.

  • Overview

    We recommend that YSI-certified polymer-based standards are used for best results.

    • YSI's polymer-based standards are prepared and labeled so they are traceable to the EPA's primary standard, Formazin
    • Polymer standards from other vendors may not be properly adjusted to meet YSI's traceability requirements
    • For example: A 20 NTU labeled bottle from company x will actually read 25 NTU using a properly calibrated YSI 6136 turbidity sensor.

    Each turbidity standard comes in a 1 gallon (plastic) container.

    608000: Calibration value of 0 FNU for all YSI sensors

    607200: Calibration value of 12.4 FNU for ProDSS and EXO sensors, calibration value of 12.7 for YSI 6136 sensor

    607300: Calibration value of 124 FNU for ProDSS and EXO sensors, calibration value of 126 for YSI 6136 sensor

    607400: Calibration value of 1010 FNU for ProDSS and EXO sensors, calibration value of 1000 for YSI 6136 sensor

    * YSI turbidity standards are no longer supported for 6026 sensors

    Dated Material. Item is heat packed in the winter months. Shipment must be made via 2-day or next day carrier during that time.

  • Specifications

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