EXO2 Central Wiper Brush Kit

EXO Multiparameter Sondes

EXO advanced water quality monitoring platform for continuous field water quality measurements in challenging conditions.

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Replacement Wiper

  • Overview

    Replacement wiper for the EXO2 central wiping system. Cleans sediment off of EXO smart sensor faces to extend long-term deployment times and ensure quality data.

    Includes one wiper brush, screw, and hex wrench.

    Note: It is highly recommend to clean or remove the EXO2 central wiping system prior to calibrations - particularly turbidity. Sediment collected by the brush can be released during calibrations and cause inaccuracies during calibration and data collection.

  • Specifications
    Anti Fouling Yes
    Equipment used with EXO2 central wiper
    User Replaceable Yes

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