b'SURFACE WATERG\x1b\x16\x15\x14\x13L\x14\x0e\x14\x18\x1d24LAFOURCHEH\x14\x12\x1c 1182N L\x1c\x18\x14\x15\x1e24M\x1c\x0e \x1e\x0c 315H\x19\x18\x13\x1e N\x1e\x11\x10\x0f\x1e\x0e\x10\x19 C\x1e\x1e\x0bConstructedUnderTERREBONNEconstructionPermit and57 M\x14\x13\x1d\x1e\x11\x12\x1ddesign phase D\x12\x1a\x1c\x18\x11\x1ePlanned project C\x1c\x12\x1b\x13FloodgateL\x1e\x1d\x1c B\x19\x18\x17\x16\x1c\x1e\x18\x15D\x12\x1a\x1c H\x14\x12\x1cN\x1c\x1b\x11\x1c\x1d\x1b\x14\x13C\x1c\x13\x1c\x1a L\x14Terrebone Parish, Morganza to the Gulf Hurricane Protection SystemCritical Need D\x1e\x1d\x1c\x1b\x1a \x1c\x18\x1e\x1c The federal government saw the need for a floodThe portion of the Morganza to the Gulf plan now control system through Terrebonne and neighboringunder construction includes 98 miles of levees, parishes, and in 1992, began a study to map out apeaking at 18 to 20 feet in height. Floodgates manage project. Congressional acts in 2007 and 2014 resultedcanals, rivers and bayousthe sluggish outlets of in authorizations for a $10.8 billion plandubbed therivers that are characteristic of the regionthat pass Morganza to the Gulf Hurricane Protection Systemthrough the levees, while environmental gates permit after the town that marks its projected starting point flow to wetlands.but the government never funded the projects.Even with tax revenues and the help of cost-share funds from the state, Terrebonne Parish has had to be After hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005 and Gustav and Ike in 2008, the Terrebonne residents decided toinnovative to afford its system, notes Reggie Dupre, raise their own money to start building the parts ofexecutive director of the Terrebonne Levee and the system slated for their parish. Twice they voted inConservation District. Dupre, born in a small fishing sales taxes to finance the effort.village on the edge of the Gulf, spent years lobbying for the flood protection project as a state legislator representing his home parish. Today, he leads the Even with tax revenues and other state funds, effort to see it through its construction.Terrebonne Parish has had to be innovative toafford its system. For more, visit: TPCG.org8 MISSION: WATER'