b'INTERNATIONAL WATERSRegulation & Policy "Environmental monitoring will take place before construction, during specific construction activities and after the pipeline is completed," explains Tore Granskog, permitting manager, Finland, for Nord Stream 2."The monitoring program includes 12 receptors that collect information about abiotic, biotic and socioeconomic parameters across the five countriesRussia, Finland,Reducing the environmental impacts on marine life,Sweden, Denmark and Germany like this pair of Baltic Gray Seals, is a top priority of the project.whose waters the pipeline passes through."Antti Lindfors of Luode Consulting notes that regulations and monitoring protocols have evolved since the first Nord Stream pipeline was laid through the Baltic between 2010 and 2012. For example, Finland requires Nord Stream 2 to monitor underwater noise during the clearance of munitions, naval mines and unexploded aerial bombs left beneath the sea after decades of conflict in the 20th century, and during the construction of rock berms to support the pipe where it crosses the highly uneven sea bed.Scientists and policymakers wereTechnicians prepare a hydrophone to measure noise emissions especially concerned about theduring munitions clearance.Nord Stream 2 / Axel Schmidteffects of underwater noise from munitions clearance on the health and behavior of seals and porpoises."The monitoring program has been upgraded to meet the latest standards, and [specifically] underwater noise monitoring is added into the program," Lindfors says. "The main concern is the seal populations in the Baltic Sea. As the Baltic Sea is still heavily populated by munitions, old sea mines and bombs from World War I and World War II, special attention was needed to ensure the safe installation and operation of the pipelines, which necessitated the clearance All countries along the Baltic Sea route benefit from the controlled removal or of munitions from the detonation of World War I & II naval mines.Nord Stream 2 / Axel Schmidtinstallation corridor."38 MISSION: WATER'