b"INTERNATIONAL WATERSTurning the Tides It takes a holistic view of water quality, flow, and discharge to understand the complex dynamics of aquatic environments, especially as they relate to harmful algal blooms. With an expansive network of instrumentation at their disposal, environmental officials have vastly improved the health of Lake Taihu since the harmful algal blooms of the early 2000s.The Taihu Basin Water Resources Monitoring Capacity Building Project and other related government actions, such as regulation of industrial discharges, have led to improved conditions not only for the Lake but also for the people who live around it. Increased awareness of environmental issues in Chinaand an international spotlight on Lake Taihu in recent decadeshave likewise shifted the countrys view toward better management for Lake Taihu, but theres still more work to do.And it all starts with the data. Collaboration and precision are essential elements of creating a valuable and productive monitoring system.Deploying an environmental buoy may seem challenging, but a little teamwork is all that's required.STORY SURVEY:Tell us how you felt about this story: YSI.com/MW-Survey32 MISSION: WATER"