b'INTERNATIONAL WATERSLess Impact Data on the effects of the first Nord Stream pipeline project indicated that munitions clearance and construction operations have had less impact than environmental impact models suggested, notes Granskog of Nord Stream 2. He says years of data from the previous effort "showed that the impacts were minor, short-termand local."Granskog adds that because of the sensitive environmentboth physical and politicalsurrounding the pipeline project, research must be top-notch.Nord Stream 2 crew members aboard the Solitaire thoroughly clean and prepare the ends"In order to understand the potentialof each pipe before welding to ensure a tight seal.Nord Stream 2 / Thomas Eugsterimpacts of construction activities on the environment, it is of paramount importance that the data delivered are accurate both in space and time," he says. "Correlation between the monitoring data and construction activitiesof which we also have accurate informationallows the environmental experts to understand the potential connections between the construction activities and the monitored environmental parameter."The pipeline can be seen from above as it is lowered from pipelay vessel Audacia\'s stingerand installed on the Baltic seafloor in German waters.Nord Stream 2 / Axel Schmidt Dynamically positioned pipelay vessel Pioneering Spirit at work in the Gulf of Finland in late December 2018. Nord Stream 2 / Axel Schmidt42 MISSION: WATER'