b'WATER BLOGGEDHEADLINEWater BloggedCastAway On-Demand Webinarwith Dr. Xue Fan (SonTek) and Dr. Todd Martz (Scripps Institute of Oceanography)Energize Your Science Class withTop 8 Reasons to Upgrade from New Custom Lesson Plan for Educators the ProODO to ProSoloSmall, handy and easy-to-use, the CastAway-CTD isYSI commercialized the first practical dissolved oxygen a fan-favorite used by researchers, oceanographerssensor using the Clark Polarographic electrode in and scientists who need quick and reliable salinity and1962. Since then, YSI has released many revolutionary temperature data. platforms for the measurement of dissolved oxygen. In 2008, we released our first handheld optical dissolved The instrument is also widely-used as a tool inoxygen instrument designed for sampling applications environmental science classes as a way to help the ProODO.instructors teach water property fundamentals and demonstrate methods to collect data. Over the past 10 years, this handheld has dominated the sampling market on its way to becoming one of Today, educators have even more resources with athe most important products in YSIs history. With the NEW customized lesson plan focusing on salinityrelease of the YSI ProSolo meter, the time has come to measurements, now available with all CastAway-CTDs!retire the ProODO. Join SonTek Application Engineer, Dr. Xue Fan, andCheck out the top 8 reasons to Go Solo in this special guest presenter from the Scripps Institutionblog post, and download the ProODO and ProSolo of Oceanography, Dr. Todd Martz, for an on-demandComparison Guide for even more information!webinar to learn how the CastAway-CTD and accompanying curriculum can inspire andengage students! Read it on the Blog: bit.ly/GoSolo8Watch the Webinar: bit.ly/CTDlesson Handheld Guide: bit.ly/ODOupgradeguideJoin us for more stories at: YSI.com/blog4'