b"FEATURE STORYOne such program is managed by the Ocean Research and Conservation Association, Inc., referred to as ORCA. ORCAs Kilroy Monitoring Network was in part supported by funding from the State of Florida until budget cuts in 2017, and the 501(C)(3) organization heavily relies on donations to keep its monitoring Research satellites likenetwork, as well as a number of invaluable educational Aqua gather informationand volunteer programs, going strong.about Earth's water systems using a suite ofAnyone can access ORCAs water quality data, onboard instruments. including historical data for the evaluation of trends Credit: NASA and events at their monitoring sites. The consumers of ORCAs data are usually scientists or educators, but one shouldnt assume that the general public doesnt care or understand what to make of a dissolved oxygen or a chlorophyll measurement. Not only is public education clearly in ORCAs mission, but having these data onboard in the context of ORCAs other programs demonstrates to the public the importance of this type of monitoring not just for red tides, but also for conservation and protection of natural resources. People who care about the environment use this website and others toself-educate about red tides.ORCA's Monitoring Network:bit.ly/orca-monitoring SATELLITESFinally, those who favor a high tech approach will surely want to check out satellite-based scans that detect fluorescence from chlorophyll on the surface of the water, as well as discolored waters that are indicative of runoff from heavy rainfall events. These low-resolution but expansive snapshots from NASAs MODIS and VIIRS satellites passing overhead provide a perspective on red tides that wasnt possible to obtain until this millennium. NOAA has the most widely accessed satellite imaging program, andfor red tides in particularone can subscribe to receive bulletins that are posted as often as twice-weekly during peak season. Red tides in theGulf Coast of Florida. NOAA Tides and Currents:Credit: NASA bit.ly/NOAAsatellite 24 MISSION: WATER"