b"INTERNATIONAL WATERSPioneering Spiritinstalls pipelinein Swedish waters.Pioneering Spirit, the world's largest heavy lift and pipelay vessel, is shown here at work in the Swedish Exclusive Economic Zone. The smaller ship to the left is among the fleet of supply vessels that make deliveries to the floating factory on a round-the-clock schedule.Pioneering Spirit StatsLength: 382 metersWidth: 124 metersDisplacement: 1,000,000 tonnesTransit speed: 14 knotsInstalled power: 8 diesel generatorsAccommodation: 571 peopleFebruary 26 th , 2019 Nord Stream 2 / Axel Schmidt Building the Nord Stream 2 pipeline across Then there is the intense environmental scrutiny as the Baltic Sea is no small project. every 12-meter (39-foot) segment is welded to the pipeline and lowered into the sensitive environment Of course, it's a challenge to lay approximately beneath the waves.1,230 kilometers (764 miles) of 48-inch (1.2-meter) twin pipeline across Europe's storm-tossed northernIn short, the world is watching the Nord Stream 2 waters, a process that began in the middle of 2018. project. Watching and listening. And as the pipeline construction team cruises through the Gulf of There's the logistical task of coordinating theFinland laying three kilometers (1.9 miles) of pipeline $8-billion capital investment and the hundreds ofper day, the extensive water monitoring system companies involved in the construction, and thedeveloped by Finland's Luode Consulting is the political challenge of balancing the demands of theeyes and ears for the pipeline company, European five countries whose borders will be crossed byregulators, and scientists across the globe.the pipeline. Whos Minding the Planet? 35"