b"OCT2017 FEB2019HAB INFOGRAPHICWHAT CAUSES A RED TIDE? 2018 IMPACTS ONRed tides along the Gulf Coast of Florida are typicallyMARINE LIFEcaused by a dinoflagellate called KARENIA brevis whichK. brevis produces a harmful neurotoxin prefers warm water with high salinity.called BREVETOXIN which can kill wildlife and be harmful to humans.22424-45 ppt 22-28C Iron, Phosphorus,MANATEE DEATHS 3Nitrogen OCT OCT K. brevis will continue to grow and spread in open 2017 FEB oceans and will move closer to shore depending on 2017 FEB 2019OCT nutrient availability and tidal activity. Once the bloom is 2017 FEB20192019 inshore, nutrients are available in higher amounts which can extend the duration of bloom events. At some point OCT the bloom will die off, contributing to hypoxia.2017 FEB2019 LIFE CYCLE OF K. BREVIS 589SEA TURTLES KILLED, INJURED, or SICK4VEGETATIVE CELLSMEIOTIC DIVISIONMIOTIC DIVISIONCELL from OCT GAMETES germinated149CYST2017 FEB2019 DOLPHIN UNUSUAL GAMETESMORTALITY EVENTS5combine to form ZYGOTES thatCYSTbecome CYSTSSources 1Florida Sea Grant, Understanding Florida's Red Tide 2FWC Fish and Wildlife Research Institute3Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, 2018 Preliminary Red Tide Manatee Mortalities, Jan 01 - December 314Florida Fish and WIldlife Conservation Commission, January Red Tide Status Report5NOAA, 2018-2019 Bottlenose Dolphin Unusual Mortality Event Southwest FloridaWhos Minding the Planet? 27"