b'SURFACE WATERCould your work with the Scott RiffleHow can readers support your efforts Beetle be replicated by other scientiststo protect endangered species like to protect isolated aquatic species? the Scott Riffle Beetle? Hofmeier: Absolutely! This type of highlyHofmeier: In Kansas we have a program called restricted endemism isnt unique. The work that myChickadee Checkoff, where residents can donate team is doing could be applied to many of theseto nongame species research, conservation and situations where an endangered species is locatededucation efforts. And I think there are a number in one specific location. If you have the equipmentof other states that have similar programs. Id and the capacity to monitor water quality for anencourage everyone to check out their local fish entire population, it can make a huge difference inand wildlife agencys website to see if they have your conservation efforts. similar programs. Our setup could work for monitoring a lot ofEvery donation gets us one aquatic invertebrates. There are a number of fishstep closer to reachingspecies, for example, that are isolated to certainour goals. springs or caves that would benefit from water quality monitoring. The general public, at least in Kansas, is overwhelmingly in favor of conservation and protection of endangered species, so they support investments to do so.Monitoring tools give us confidence in our conservation and management decisions, and help us do our job well.Conservation efforts from agencies like the KDWPT help to protect endangered species and maintain biodiversity.LEARN MORE:For more on the Scott RiffleBeetle, visit: bit.ly/KSoutdoorsFor more on the ChickadeeCheckoff, visit: bit.ly/KSchickadeeSTORY SURVEY:Tell us how you felt about this story:YSI.com/MW-Survey18 MISSION: WATER'