MISSION: WATER 6 SURFACE WATER MISSION: WATER STAFF SUNKEN HISTORY Hydrographic Survey Commemorates the Anniversary of D-Day ATeam of international scientists recently surveyed the coast Normandy, France to reveal how the greatest naval invasion in history unfolded. Utilizing the latest technologies and the world’s most advanced software, the team surveyed 511 km2 of sea floor, producing an enormous 11 TB of data. Employing HYPACK hydrographic surveying software, the team was able to assimilate over 4 billion soundings from multi-beam sonar to produce very high resolution, 3-dimensional, colored images of the seabed, including many remaining artifacts from the D-Day landings. “The Normandy seabed is a massive archaeological site,” explains Harold Orlinsky, General Manager, HYPACK, “However, the sunken items left behind by this momentous event are starting to disappear, so the surveying project was undertaken to honor those that passed and to explore the wrecks before they disappear forever.”