HEADLINE 4 WATER BLOGGED Water Blogged Join us for more stories at: YSI.com/blog Dissolved Oxygen Meters Q&A, The Ultimate List Whether you need a dissolved oxygen meter or are just curious how they work, we have some answers for you. Based on frequently asked questions, we've put together this FAQ on DO calibration, cleaning, maintenance, and tips to get the best measurements. Q – How often should I calibrate my dissolved oxygen meter? A – As a rule, YSI recommends that a dissolved oxygen meter calibration be performed or verified daily, before sampling starts. But in general, calibration frequency is determined by the user and the importance of the data. The more critical the data, i.e. when used for compliance purposes, the more attention should be paid to timely calibrations. The calibration of newer optical based dissolved oxygen meters is very stable but YSI still recommends that it be verified on a regular basis to ensure accurate data. Your data are as good as your calibration. So, short answer, once daily - but it's worth verifying the calibration occasionally throughout sampling. Monitoring for Harmful Algal Blooms: From Data to Decisions (Part 1) Harmful algal blooms (HABs) have increased in both frequency and intensity in the last two decades, driven by climate change and activities that introduce growth- stimulating nutrients into waterways. Concerns related to freshwater HABs range from the innocuous but unpleasant taste and odor compounds that find their way into drinking water, to fish kills and algal toxins that are harmful to human health. These consequences have increased the pressure upon researchers, watershed managers, water utility operators and public health professionals to closely monitor for the onset of HABs and prepare to respond. In this webinar, Dr. Stephanie A. Smith provides a basic overview of bloom-forming algae, including a review of the toxins that are of human health concern, as well as methods for monitoring algae. "You can actually get a lot of detail about algae events that we previously couldn't see." - Dr. Stephanie A. Smith Get your free copy of the definitive Dissolved Oxygen Handbook! Watch this Top 100 attended Science Webinar from 2017. Get the full story: bit.ly/DOQandA Watch the Webinar: bit.ly/HABData1 bit.ly/HABData1