33 Who’s Minding the Planet? HEADLINE HURRICANE ZONE 1. Gabriela Mistral High School 2. Julio Lebrón Soto 3. Morovis, San Lorenzo 4. Orocovis, La Charca 5. Escuela Ines María Mendoza de Munoz Marín 6. Escuela Ines María Mendoza de Munoz Marín 7. Escuela Montessori Sofía Rexach 8. Mariana 2 - Sector Ortiz 9. Mariana 1 - Kennedy 10. Mariana 2 - Community Center 11. Humacao - University of PR 12. Maizales Community Center Looking to the future Two months on, the communities where water towers have been installed have regained a degree of independence. With a clean and safe water supply, they no longer need to rely on bottled water. While the island is only beginning its road to recovery, some Puerto Ricans are finding solace in how this catastrophic event has brought the community together. Residents spoke about how the hurricane may lead to some positive outcomes in the long-term, as it has brought pre- existing challenges to the forefront, and united communities. “There were issues before the hurricane,” explains Richard Barg, a Market Development Manager from Canada. “A lot of the water wasn’t good. The disaster has brought recognition to some of these issues and people are now trying to make it a better place. As one local told me: “In some parts of the world, revolution begins with guns. Here we are hoping the revolution has begun with the hurricane.” 1 5+6 8—11 7 12 2 3 4 Puerto Rico San Juan COMPLETED PROJECTS