Aeration Replacement Parts


Sanitaire fine bubble aeration replacement parts are now available for online ordering!

Sanitaire is pleased to partner with YSI to provide online ordering of our most popular aeration replacement parts. 

Sanitaire fine bubble aeration parts are compatible with most common 9” fine bubble diffuser aeration grid systems.

For information regarding fine bubble aeration grids, please visit the aeration product page.


Silver Series II LP Membrane Diffuser

9" Low pressure membrane diffuser. Replacement part.


Silver Series II Membrane Diffuser

9" Membrane diffuser. Replacement part.


Ceramic Disc Diffuser

9" disc diffuser


Diffuser Retainer Ring

9" Diffuser retainer ring. Replacement part.


Diffuser Spanner Wrench

9" Wrench


Silicone Lubricant

Silcone lubricant


Ceramic Diffuser O-Ring

9" Flexible O-ring


Diffuser Base Plate

9" Diffuser base plate. Replacement part.