Exploring Our Water Hero Finalists

The U.S. Clean Water Act (CWA) of 1972 was more than a piece of legislation—it was a call to action to protect our planet. Its passing has inspired generations of environmental researchers, activists, and volunteers—and sparked a mind shift in how the general public views water and climate issues.

As we commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the CWA—we also celebrate the environmental leaders taking action to further progress. We celebrate those studying our world, educating others, and driving change. We celebrate the people in the trenches, the laboratories, and the classrooms making a difference. We celebrate those minding our planet. And as your partner in all things water, we want this celebration to be meaningful.

So, we're rewarding top environmental advocatesWater Heroesin the U.S. with donations valued at up to $10,000* to support their work. Explore our Water Hero Finalists below, learn how they were chosen, and read about the grand prizes up for grabs this October!

We have selected four Water Hero Finalists from an impressive pool of nominees. One of them will be chosen as our grand prize winner after a public vote in October.

Check out each finalist below!

Matthew Norberg, Hydrologist
Montana DNRC

Matt has built a real-time stream gaging network from the ground up for the Montana DNRC. His work helps Montanans meet new demands for water caused by a changing climate, increasing population, and an expanding economy.

About Matt

Dr. Harry Stone, Chairperson, Ohio River Basin Alliance

Harry’s dedicated volunteerism has led the Ohio River Basin Alliance through massive expansion and served as a unifying voice for a variety of organizations longing for healthy ecosystems, river communities, and water-dependent economies.

About Harry

Brooke Klingbeil, Advanced Wastewater Operator and Laboratory Director, City of Medford, WI

Passionate about her city and wastewater treatment, Brooke spends a lot of time educating operators and becoming a lab methods master. She is heavily involved in industry organizations and has won numerous awards, including the 2022 WEF Laboratory Excellence Award.

About Brooke

Paul Dombrowski, Chief Technologist, Woodard & Curran

As the wastewater expert for Woodard & Curran, Paul is tasked with getting treatment plants running right, but he does much more than that! Paul is passionate about training wastewater operators and has been heavily involved in WEFTEC’s Operations Challenge, leading the Process Control Event.

About Paul

1. Throughout the summer, you shared your clean water stories. You told us about all the people that have inspired you—and why you believe their work should be celebrated as a part of our CWA Water Heroes Contest!

We collected Water Hero Nominations through August 31st, 2022.

2. Our team reviewed each nomination carefully, assessing entries based on three major criteria – Advocacy, Impact, and Ingenuity to determine our finalists.

Does their work mirror the values of the Clean Water Act?

What is the overall impact of their work in their community?

How creative are they with the resources they have available?

3. After accepting their nomination, each finalist was interviewed and highlighted on YSI.com

4. In October, the general public will vote for their favorite Water Hero. The finalist with the most votes by noon EDT on October 14th will win the grand prize of donations valued at up to $10,000 to support their work. We’ll announce the big winner on October 18th, 2022—the 50th Anniversary of the Clean Water Act.

*Terms and conditions apply. See the full contest details here.

Our grand prize winner will be eligible for one of our three grand prize packages (valued at up to $10,000*). Our other finalists will also receive a $2,500 YSI.com eCommerce credit* to support their next project!

Premium Water Quality Sampling Package with ProDSS

The YSI ProDSS system is the ultimate handheld sampling instrument for surface water, groundwater, coastal waters, and wastewater. This package includes a ProDSS Handheld, a 10-Meter Field Cable, and four ProDSS Smart Sensors that measure Conductivity/Temperature, Optical Dissolved Oxygen, pH/ORP, and Turbidity.

Want additional sensors? No problem! We’re throwing in a $2,500 YSI.com eCommerce credit!

Continuous Monitoring Package for Municipal Wastewater

YSI IQ SensorNet is a network of online controllers and sensors designed for process monitoring and control at treatment facilities. This package includes a 282 IQ SensorNet Controller, an FDO optical dissolved oxygen probe, and the cables and accessories needed for proper installation.

If you need anything else – we’re providing a $2,500 YSI.com eCommerce credit too!

Advanced Titration System for Your Lab

This package includes a YSI TitroLine 7000 autotitrator with all relevant accessories needed to upgrade your environmental, wastewater, or drinking water laboratory.

And get everything else you need for your lab with a $2,500 YSI.com eCommerce credit!

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