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Multiparameter Sondes

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YSI water quality sondes and sensors are rugged, accurate instruments for environmental monitoring and long-term deployments. YSI datasondes accept multiple water quality sensors (i.e., they are multiparameter sondes) and many of the sensors use the newest optical technology for accurate measurements.

YSI Water Quality Sondes for long-term monitoring
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YSI 6-Series and EXO water quality sondes and sensors are rugged, accurate instruments for environmental monitoring and long-term deployments.


If you want to measure these parameters, we have the sensors for the job:

  • Dissolved Oxygen (Optical)
  • Conductivity (Salinity)
  • Temperature
  • Depth
  • Turbidity
  • Chlorophyll
  • Blue-green Algae
  • pH/ORP
  • Rhodamine
  • Ammonia, Chloride, or Nitrate
  • Level
  • PAR
  • fDOM

YSI datasondes accept multiple water quality sensors (i.e., they are multiparameter sondes) and many of the sensors use the newest optical technology for accurate measurements.

Calculated parameters include:

• Resistivity
• Specific conductance
• Total dissolved solids
• Total suspended solids


Applications for YSI sondes include:

  • River and stream monitoring
  • Lake and pond profiling and monitoring
  • Estuary and bay monitoring
  • Ground water and well monitoring
  • Source water monitoring
  • Storm water monitoring

Uses also include monitoring around:

  • Dredging and construction
  • Hydrofracking operations
  • Hydrocarbons and oil spills


  • Integration into buoys and data collection platforms

Didn't find your application on the list? Discuss it with one of our knowledgeable applications engineers, who can provide instrument configurations best suited to your project.


YSI water quality monitoring equipment is designed for the tough life of the field. Instruments can be left outside and underwater for weeks and months.

Features of a YSI water quality sonde include:

  • Anti-fouling components to reduce the impact of biofouling on the integrity of water quality data
  • Long battery life and power management to extend deployment periods
  • Field-replaceable sensors to save you time
  • Variety of instrument sizes and price ranges for your water quality monitoring projects



    Click on the Products Tab to select the specific water quality sonde configuration that suits your water monitoring needs. See also





EXO1 water quality sonde from YSI  

EXO1 Water Quality Sonde

The EXO1 multiparameter water quality sonde collects data with up to four user-replaceable smart sensors and an integral pressure transducer for depth.


 EXO2 water quality sonde from YSI  

EXO2 Water Quality Sonde

Collect data to 250 m with the advanced EXO2 sonde – six replaceable smart sensors and a central wiper to clean biofouling.


EXO Handheld  

EXO Handheld

The EXO handheld provides an extremely durable, portable, weather-proof interface to the EXO sondes. The handheld uses a fast operating system and a mobile version of the KOR software.


YSI 6600V2 Comprehensive Monitoring System - View of Sensor Configuration  


Make the most of your environmental monitoring.


The YSI 6600 V2 data sonde is the most comprehensive water quality monitoring equipment available with simultaneous measurement of conductivity (salinity), temperature, depth or level, pH/ORP plus...


YSI 6920 V2-2 sensor view showing Temperature/Conductivity, Chloride, pH, as well as Optical DO and Turbidity.  

6920 V2

Compact Data Sonde for Unattended Monitoring


The YSI 6920 V2 sonde is an economical water quality logging system, ideal for long-term in situ monitoring and profiling.

Real-time turbidity monitoring, dissolved oxygen monitoring, algae monitoring, and more.


YSI 600OMS V2 shown with probe guard attached.  

600OMS V2

Single-Parameter, Low-Cost Optical Monitoring System


Measure optical dissolved oxygen, chlorophyll, blue-green algae, rhodamine, or turbidity in combination with temperature, conductivity and depth. Designed for use in fresh, sea or polluted waters, the 600OMS V2 data sonde utilizes the field-proven YSI sensors and incorporates innovations in water quality sensor configuration such as a conductivity and temperature module that fits into the sonde body.


YSI 6-Series Anti-fouling Sensors and Wipers  

6-Series Anti-Fouling Kits

Copper Prevents Biofouling and Extends Long-term Deployments

YSI's Anti-fouling Kits, designed for 6-Series Sondes, are reliable and affordable ways to significantly lengthen deployment times, reduce operating costs, and ensure high-quality data for continuously deployed water quality monitoring systems.


YSI EcoNet - Web-Enabled Remote Monitoring and Control  


Manage Data with Web-Enabled Remote Monitoring and Control


Make instant, meaningful decisions without the need for additional costly resources or time-consuming trips to the field. Instruments throughout your environmental monitoring system send a continuous stream of data to YSI EcoNet hardware, which automatically transmits the information to a secure server and posts the data directly to a website.


Tips, FAQs & Guides

6-Series Sonde Calibration, Maintenance & Troubleshooting Tips

Catalogs & Brochures

Water Monitoring Solutions

6-Series Multiparameter Water Quality Sondes

Français - Sondes multiparamètres série 6 surveillance des eaux

Deutsch - 6-Serie Multiparameter Wasserqualitäts-Messsonden

Japanese - YSI 6シリーズ 多項目水質モニター

News Briefs

Annual Sonde Maintenance Program

Application Notes

Watching the Watershed

Continuous Water Quality Monitoring Aids Regional Efforts to Preserve Threatened Chilika Lake Ecosystem

River Quality Protected during Tyne Tunnel Construction Project

Managing the Demand for Clean, Safe Water in the Middle of Nutrient-Laden Farmland

Unattended Water Quality Monitoring Protects Domestic Water Supply at Taiwan’s Shimen Reservoir


Archived Webinar:
5 Costly Mistakes with Sondes (...and How Training Can Help!)

Original Broadcast: Thursday, December 4th, 2014 —2:00 pm - 2:45 pm EDT, USA

Brandon and Patrick will reveal some of the most frequently seen mishaps in respect to Calibration, Hardware Setup, Maintenance, and more. Learn how your team can avoid these common pitfalls, and discover how YSI's new online training portal, EXO University, can help you achieve your monitoring goals.

Support Materials:

EXO University

Calibration Solutions - Expiration Dates [PDF]

fDOM Surrogate Measurements Study [PDF]

Archived Webinar:
Expert Tips for Continuous Water Quality Monitoring: Featuring Dustin Shull, Pennsylvania DEP

Original Broadcast: September 30th, 2014 —1 PM CST (2 PM EST)

Information is power... to better manage our water resources. On September 30th, join our group of water quality monitoring experts as they share strategies for turning continuous data from your unattended monitoring stations into water quality insight.

Join our featured speaker Dustin Shull as he shares results and lessons learned from the Pennsylvania Continuous In-stream Monitoring (CIM) program. Learn how you can reliably collect continuous data for the most common water quality parameters using EXO instrumentation, while cutting maintenance costs and site visits. Discover how to leverage AQUARIUS Time-Series software to process and analyze your water quality data as well.

1-Hour Webinar Highlights Include:

• 3 steps to continuous water quality monitoring
• Tricks for data collection, QC checking & calibration
• Site selection considerations for high quality data
• How to correct, analyze, visualize & report on continuous data
• Lessons learned: dams, acid, sediment, seasonality, & ammonia
• 6 tips for success

> Watch a recording of the live event.

Support Materials:

Archived Webinar:
Top 5 Challenges to Collecting Water Quality Data: How New Technology Is Tackling Big Issues

Original Broadcast: September 12, 2013 —1:00-1:30 PM Eastern time (US)

This webinar examines the common problems faced by the monitoring community; why they are problems; and what solutions the instrumentation industry offers to counter the problems.

Typical frustrations include:

  1. Ongoing repair & maintenance costs eat up my budget. Why can't field instruments last longer?
  2. Uncertainty with future projects, legislation, & technology keep my program in flux. Which instrument can I rely on for the next decade?
  3. Incomplete or inaccurate data wastes my time. I need data quality assurances.
  4. Shrinking budgets compromise my program's goal. How can we be more efficient with what we have?
  5. Training employees on instrumentation shouldn't be rocket science. How can the industry make this easier?

Who should attend:
Those dedicated to monitoring natural aquatic environments, such as rivers, lakes, wetlands, oceans, estuaries, and ground water.

YSI product managers Tim Finegan and Brandon Smith discuss the topics commonly voiced by the customer and water instrumentation user and offer insight and solutions into these issues.


YSI 6-series field cable

6-Series Field Cables

Rugged cables designed for field use with 6-series sondes.

6025 Chlorophyll Sensor

6025 Chlorophyll Sensor (6-Series)

Determine phytoplankton concentrations by detecting the fluorescence from chlorophyll in situ.

6130 Rhodamine Sensor

6130 Rhodamine Sensor (6-Series)

Detect accurate, in situ trace dye levels with the 6130 Rhodamine Sensor.

Blue-Green Algae Probe

6131 and 6132 Blue-Green Algae Sensors (6-Series)

Measure in situ blue-green algae levels in salt- or fresh-water with YSI 6131 and 6132 optical blue-green algae sensors.

6136 Optical Turbidity Sensor

6136 Turbidity Sensor (6-Series)

Collect accurate, in situ measurement of turbidity in fresh, brackish, and sea water.

YSI ROX Dissolved Oxygen Probe

6150 ROX ® Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensor (6-Series)

Rugged and reliable optical dissolved oxygen sensor used with 6-Series water quality sondes.

6560 Conductivity and Temperature Sensor

6560 Conductivity/Temperature Probe

Stable multi-probe measures conductivity and temperature levels and calculates salinity values. Thermistor readings are used to temperature-correct other parameter measurements.

Copper Antifouling Sonde Guard for YSI 600OMS Sonde

Anti-fouling Sonde Guards

Copper-alloy sonde guards protect water quality sensors and provide biofouling protection for YSI Sondes.

YSI pH Probe (Guarded Glass Bulb) and Flat-glass pH Probe

pH Sensors (6-Series)

Simple, accurate pH measurement in sensors designed for minimal maintenance in sampling, profiling, and long-term monitoring applications.

PAR Sensor

Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) Sensor

Measure Photosynthetically Active Radiation levels via sensors integrated into a 6600 Sonde.

Kit includes 1) Turner Cyclops-7 sensor and 2) YSI sensor adapter

Sensor Adapter Kit

Expand your water quality monitoring to include hydrocarbons, oil, or CDOM with the YSI Sensor Adapter and Turner Cyclops-7 submersible sensors. The YSI 202400 Sensor Adapter expands water quality monitoring to include third-party analog output sensors. In addition to monitoring for Temperature, Conductivity, pH, Dissolved Oxygen, Turbidity, Blue-Green Algae, and Chlorophyll, 6-Series sondes can measure hydrocarbons, oil in water, and other parameters from the Turner Cyclops-7® submersible sensor line.





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